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-Extra Care Housing-

Extra Care Housing is defined as low level residential care, provided to individuals or couples who require less care than those living in a residential care home. Unlike those in residential care, people living in Extra Care Housing are rent paying tenants.

Orkney Islands Property Developments Ltd provide 2 Extra Care Housing Developments:-

Sunnybrae Centre, which is in Glaitness, Kirkwall, and Kalisgarth Care Centre, in Pierowall, Westray.

The Care Centres are run by the Orkney Health & Care Department and the quality of service is regularly inspected by the Care Commission.


Eligibilty Criteria Applicants will generally be aged 60 years or over, although the accommodation has also been designed for those under 65 if required. The applicants will need to meet the criteria for lower dependency care, which means those who are not able to meet their own personal care needs and are unable to manage safely within their own homes, even with the support of carers.


Type of Support:-

 • Daily assistance with personal and social care, including: continence management, dressing, bathing and washing.

• Assistance to eat and drink, including meal preparation.

• Access to 24 hour care when required to ensure adequate levels of support and supervision. To find out more or to arrange for an assessment, please contact Orkney Health & Care on 873535.

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